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What Clients Say..."Oh my goodness!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures!!!

Thank you so much, my little boy looks so adorable, so glad you captured these!! Thanks again, for being so patient, creative and just a really great photographer!" xxx Samira (Ben’s mom)

Welcome to Imagry. We are very proud to announce that we will soon be servicing Jindabyne and the Snowy Mountain surrounding areas!  

Newborn Baby Photography

Our specialty is in the art of newborn photography and child lifestyle portraiture. From the beautiful glow of pregnancy, to the tiniest newborn fingers & toes, their first smile, gaining the strength to sit up, stand and those first wobbly steps. Each of these precious milestones are so brief, it is amazing how quickly your baby will change. This is why it is so important to capture these precious early moments through photography. With a very natural approach to newborn photography sessions are styled with accessories and props that accentuate a baby’s cuteness, but do not overpower or take away from it. To ensure those adorable sleepy poses, it is essential to have your session scheduled within the first 10 days of birth. 6 - 8 days old is our preference as even a few days can make a big difference to your baby’s wakefulness. Yes they can change that quickly! For more information and to view our Newborn Photography please visit  Newborn & Baby Photography Gallery.


For families who want an alternative to a traditional studio portrait, with stunning backdrops in National Parks and picturesque settings that create beautiful and unique photographic art. Family and Child Portraiture sessions are about relaxing and having fun while Sally discovers and captures natural expressions and style. Sally’s style is very relaxed, artistic, and candid. She will never ask for forced smiles or awkward poses. Her goal is to capture the love of your family, the smiles and giggles, the funny faces, and all the details that make your family unique. To view Sally's Lifestyle Portraiture Photography please visit her Childhood and Family galleries.


Imagry helps small businesses increase the effectiveness of their marketing by making stronger first impressions through professional images and a modern, mobile responsive website. 

With a background in marketing and advertising high profile consumer products, we help businesses tell their story and communicate not only the features and benefits, but the essence of their brand through photography. Our diverse portfolio includes Products, People and Services, Food Photography, Interiors, Exteriors, PR, Events, Editorial and Fashion. Please visit our Commercial Photography galleries.


Photography has never been more important to selling real estate than it is today.  First impressions of a property can make the difference of a potential buyer choosing a new home or investment property.

Imagry is skilled at capturing interesting compositions and emphasising key features that will make your property stand out.


With a keen interest in international travel, cultures and events, and a curiosity of people and their connections to society and traditions. Sally's personal projects involve getting lost in the back streets of strange cities with her camera capturing images that help people appreciate an everyday scene in a different way.

To see more, please browse our galleries and follow us on Facebook.

To see what clients say, please visit our Client Testimonial page.

Imagry is located in Jindabyne, Snowy Mountains. Email is the best way to contact and if we are in a photo-shoot we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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